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Cameron Cone is located near Colorado Springs, Colorado. I took this photo while hiking the Incline at Manitou Springs to capture some engagement photos.

Cameron Cone is located near Colorado Springs, Colorado. I took this photo while hiking the Incline at Manitou Springs to capture some engagement photos.

Claire and Jesse

Claire and Jesse had a beautiful wedding at the Benton House in the Irvington Neighborhood of Indianapolis! With a little help from a second shooter I captured their wedding day and edited together this video. I shot most of the footage except the groom getting ready and a few of the moments during the portraits. This wedding was interesting because the bride and groom wanted some sunset shots for the video but it got really cloudy before sun set, so we had to set up a light and fake some sunset shots.


Villages Youth and family services

During an 8 day trip to Sierra Leone in 2017, I shot and edited this video while working with Big Burrito Creative. I shot all of the b-roll except the drone shots. I ran audio during all of the interviews, Our audio bag didn't make it to Sierra Leone until the day we left, so this was interesting. I was mostly improvising with a Zoom H4N that we had packed in our carry on luggage and also with a third camera in some shots that we positioned very close to the speaker. The video was edited on the flight back home from Sierra Leone and delivered to the client the day we landed.


Kylie and Rick

This is wedding video we shot at the Hard Rock Resort in Punta Cana. I shot and edited all of this, including doing the drone shots of the beach. There’s a mix of footage from a 5D Mark IV, a 5D Mark III, an iPhone 7S and a DJI Mavic Pro. We were traveling for the wedding and hadn’t intended to shoot video, just photos. But I figured since I had the gear there I might as well see what I could do for video. The only real downside was that we didn’t have our audio gear with us since we weren’t expecting to make a video.


Pattern Spring 2018

This video was a ton of fun to make. To help capture the aesthetic of the launch party and to help highlight how fun the party was I chose to use a lot more of the prisming effect that I first started using in the Modern Baroque video and also used some kaleidoscope effects to try to highlight the interesting light displays. This highlights a new direction with my work and some experimental techniques like prisming that I’ve been utilizing more recently.


Modern Baroque - Behind the Scenes

This was another video I shot kind of on the spur of the moment. My wife and I were doing this shoot with other vendors in the hopes that we could get it published. I was there to help set up tables and props, and also to wrangle one of the models (the naked baby, that's my daughter). I ended up shooting a lot of this on a monopod just to promote Jennifer Van Elk Photography but the video ended up being published on the blog of the magazine that picked up the shoot. In photography there's a thing you can do called prisming. I had never done it in a video, but I experimented with it on this shoot.


Candace and Bryon

Candace and Bryon had a beautiful wedding at the Omni Severin in downtown Indianapolis. I captured this wedding with some help from a friend who had shot video before but never a wedding. It was difficult to manage this shoot because a lot of the time I felt like I was teaching my second shooter about shooting weddings and wedding etiquette. I’m really happy with the work he produced and the way the story turned out though. I captured most everything except for the groom getting ready.


Rachel and Jake

Rachel & Jake were married in downtown Indianapolis at Canal 337. Their wedding was full of tears and laughter. It was a great mixture of emotions. They gave away awesome fanny packs to all of their guests stuffed with glow sticks and other toys. It was a very fun wedding. Everyone who attended was so genuinely happy for the two of them. This video is the story of their charming wedding day. I was the primary shooter at this wedding and I had a secondary shooter I managed throughout the day. I edited all of the footage together into the 9 minute video featured here.


Pattern Magazine Vol. 12 Launch Party

I shot and edited this video for a local fashion magazine, Pattern. I tried to match the tone of the party in the final edit, so there are a lot of overlays to try to match the feel of the lighting that was at the party. The video was used to promote to show off all of the hard work that went into the party and to help promote future launch parties as they are a community event.


Behind the Scenes - Wedding Day Magazine Spring 2013 Issue

I shot and edited this video for Wedding Day Magazine. I was actually at the shoot because my wife and I were shooting the cover for the magazine, but when I realized they hadn't hired a videographer I grabbed one of our back up DSLRs and starting shooting handheld stuff. The biggest challenge from this was that there wasn't any audio except whatever the Canon 7D internal mic picked up.


Fierce Forward Story

This was a video I made for Ashley Johns, the owner and face of Fierce Forward. I shot and edited the entire video, with a little help from my wife who was along to do product shots for the Fierce Forward website. I handled the videography, audio, and editing, while she helped set up shots of the products. Any stills used in the video were shot by wife. I worked a lot with Fierce Forward to develop a look and feel for this video that felt on brand and unique to them.


Palettes of Diversity

Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, Indiana wanted a video highlighting an art installment that they had on display in their lobby. I shot around 90% of this video, transitioning back and forth from a traditional HD Cam from Sony to Canon DSLRs. I also edited the story from all of the interviews to make the video that you see here. There were a lot of very great artists that came together to make this project a success, and I was very thankful that I got to make this video highlighting their hard work.


Jay County Hospital: Steve and Janelle's Story

I shot this video testimonial. We did three other testimonials in this campaign, but this story was my favorite. This video was shot exclusively on DSLRs. I set the cameras up, but then I actually ran the interview while my business partner made any minor adjustments that needed to be made to the cameras during the interview.


Prism Video Productions Demo Reel 2014

This is a demo reel I edited together using video shot by both me and my business partner between 2012 and 2014. There's a heavy use of overlays in the editing, this was meant to match more of my photographic style at the time which had a lot of double exposure work. It was also meant to make us stick out from the competition by showing something a little more layered and which had taken a little more work in the editing booth.


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