Cornerstone Wedding with Kathryn and Nate in Muncie

Kathryn and Nate had a beautiful wedding in Muncie this summer! I loved shooting their Cornerstone wedding! There were a lot of great moments throughout the day, but my favorite moment happened when the wedding was over. In the morning I photographed Kathryn and Nate getting ready at two different houses outside the city limits, in the country. We had been planning to do sunset shots at a local park at the end of the day, but after seeing these two houses I asked if it would be possible to return to one of them for some photos. They said yes, and we went to the house with a pond for some sunset shots.

Unfortunately, by the time we got there the sun had already dropped below the tree line. The wedding had ended a few minutes later than planned. Luckily, the light was still gorgeous and we set up an off camera flash to fake the look of the sun poking through a gap in the trees. The resulting photos looked beautiful. There was just one problem… As the sun was setting, the mosquitos came out. They were pretty thick around the pond, but I think when you see the photos, you’ll agree it was worth being bitten 32 times on my hands while shooting (I counted the bumps afterward).

This was another wedding I shot while working for my other company, Jennifer Van Elk Photography. There are a lot more photos available in the blog post over on the JVEP site. So head on over to the Jennifer Van Elk Photography blog if you want to see all of the photos from the day!