Coffee House Wedding with Jylian and Bertram

They left the Tinker House to walk down the street together at sunset. Bertram wrapped his arm around Jylian on the sidewalk, and they talked and laughed. It was a beautiful moment they shared together on a hot, summer day. I had so much fun shooting this coffee house wedding with Jylian and Bertram at the Tinker House Event space.

The day of the wedding it was blazing hot outside. Everything we did all day long left everyone dripping with sweat. Even though it was a bit of a rough day outside, we still did almost all of the photos outside. We did wedding party photos at Holcomb Gardens and that where we also did couples portraits. At sunset we went outside to do some photos with sparklers and a few more couples portraits.

Unfortunately, the sun had already set behind the trees and buildings in downtown Indianapolis. So we had to bring a flash out to do some fake sunset shots. This allowed us to capture some photos that were a little bit unique and a little bit different than what you’d normally see in this area. Especially because the off camera flash allows me to position the couple in places where they normally wouldn’t get sunlight shining at sunset. It was a lot of fun and forced me to push myself creatively. This was another wedding I was shooting for my other company Jennifer Van Elk Photography. So, if you want to see more photos from this special day, then head on over to the Jennifer Van Elk Photography blog!