Bloomington Wedding Video with Bri and Aric

If Rachel and Jake’s wedding was out first project as Redwood Lane, then it’s safe to say that Bri and Aric’s was our second. Bri and Aric decided they wanted a video for their wedding just a few days before the wedding. Luckily for them, I hadn’t booked anything that week. I had been planning to spend the weekend with friends and family, as it was a holiday weekend. When I heard that they really needed someone though, I decided to drop my plans to help out. Unfortunately, I was already on vacation and didn’t have all my gear with me. So, as a back up camera for much of this wedding I had to use an iPhone 5S. Regardless, the wedding turned out great and I’m very excited to share it here! If you want to see more still frames, you can check out the blog post on Jennifer Van Elk Photography.